Sharpen Up the Knives: Ten Songs About Knives. The Night of the Long Knives, Adolf Hitler’s Violent Purge of His Political Rivals in Germany, Takes Place. This Day in History, 30/06/1934.

1.  Puressence ‘Sharpen Up the Knives’

(from the album Only Forever, 1998).

2.  Black Veil Brides ‘Knives and Pens’

(single A-side, 2009).

3.  Dire Straits ‘Six Blade Knife’

(from the album Dire straits, 1978).

4.  Therapy? ‘Knives’

(from the album Troublegum, 1994).

5.  Bobby Darin ‘Mack the Knife’

(from the album That’s All, 1959).

6.  Radiohead ‘Knives Out’

(from the album Amnesiac, 2001).

7.  Beirut ‘Forks and Knives (La Fete)’

(from the album The Flying Club Cup, 2007).

8.  The Decemberists ‘Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)’

(from the album The Crane Wife, 2006).

9.  The Long Blondes ‘A Knife for the Girls’

(from the album Someone to Drive You Home, 2006).

10.  Morrissey ‘Smiler With Knife’

(from the album World Peace is None of Your Business, 2014).

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