I Stopped to Fill My Car Up: Ten Songs About Fuel. Fidel Castro Nationalizes Esso, Texaco and Shell in Cuba. This Day in History, 01/07/1960.

1.  Ash ‘Petrol’

(from the album Trailer, 1994).

2.  Pixies ‘River Euphrates’

(from the album Surfer Rosa, 1988).

3.  Catatonia ‘Fuel’

(from the album Paper Scissor Stone, 2001).

4.  Bloc Party ‘Price of Gas’

(from the album Silent Alarm, 2005).

5.  Client ‘Your Love is Like Petrol’

(from the album Command, 2009).

6.  The Prodigy ‘Diesel Power’

(from the album The Fat of the Land, 1997).

7.  The Pogues ‘Smell of Petroleum’

(from the album Waiting for Herb, 1991).

8.  Sparklehorse ‘Gasoline Horseys’

(from the album Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot, 1996).

9.  Suede ‘Picnic by the Motorway’

(from the album Coming Up, 1996).

10. Stereophonics ‘I Stopped to Fill My Car Up’

(from the album Performance & Cocktails, 1999).

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