Song for Bob Dylan: Ten Songs Which Name-check Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan Releases ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. This Day in History, 24/07/1965.

1.  David Bowie ‘Song for Bob Dylan’

(from the album Hunky Dory, 1971).

2.  The Who ‘The Seeker’

(single A-side, 1970).

3.  Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins ‘The Charging Sky’

(from the album Rabbit Fur Coat, 2006).

4.  Belle & Sebastian ‘Like Dylan in the Movies’

(from the album If You’re Feeling Sinister, 1996).

5.  The Auteurs ‘Chinese Bakery’

(from the album Now I’m A Cowboy, 1994).

6.  John Lennon ‘God’

(from the album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970).

7.  T-Rex ‘Ballrooms of Mars’

(from the album The Slider, 1972).

8.  Stephen Malkmus ‘Jo Jo’s Jacket’

(from the album Stephen Malkmus, 2001).

9.  Wilco ‘Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard’

(from the More Like the Moon EP, 2003).

10. Syd Barrett ‘Bob Dylan Blues’

(recorded in 1970).

Hounds of Love: Ten Songs About Dogs. Snuppy Becomes The World’s First Cloned Dog. This Day in History, 24/04/2005.

1.  Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’

(from the album Hounds of Love, 1985).

2.  Led Zeppelin ‘Black Dog’

(from the album Led Zeppelin IV, 1971).

3.  Super Furry Animals ‘Golden Retriever’

(from the album Phantom Power, 2003).

4.  Nick Drake ‘Black Eyed Dog’

(from the album Time of No Reply, 1986).

5.  The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’

(from the album The Stooges, 1969).

6.  David Bowie ‘Diamond Dogs’

(from the album Diamond Dogs, 1974).

7.  Florence & The Machine ‘Dog Days Are Over’

(from the album Lungs, 2009).

8.  Elvis Presley ‘Hound Dog’

(single, 1956).

9.  Belle & Sebastian ‘Dog on Wheels’

(from the Dog on Wheels EP, 1997).

10. Cat Stevens ‘I Love My Dog’

(from the album Matthew and Son, 1967).

Killer Queen: Ten Songs About Royals. Prince Charles Marries Camilla Parker Bowles, This Day in History, 09/04/2005.

1.  The Smiths ‘The Queen is Dead’

(from the album The Queen Is Dead, 1986).

2.  Black Box Recorder ‘The New Diana’

(from the album Passionoia, 2003).

3.  Queen ‘Killer Queen’

(from the album Sheer Heart Attack, 1974).

4.  Rufus Wainwright ‘Rebel Prince’

(from the album Poses, 2001).

5.  Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’

(from the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, 1977).

6.  The Stone Roses ‘Elizabeth, My Dear’

(from the album The Stone Roses, 1989).

7.  The Kinks ‘She’s Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina’

(from the album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1969).

8.  Primal Scream ‘Insect Royalty’

(from the album XTRMNTR, 2000).

9.  Bob Dylan ‘Queen Jane Approximately’

(from the album Highway 61 Revisited, 1965).

10. Manic Street Preachers ‘Repeat’

(from the album Generation Terrorists, 1992).

An Audience with the Pope: Ten Songs Inspired By the Pope and Catholicism on the Tenth Anniversary of the Death of John Paul II, 02/04/2005.

1.  Elbow ‘An Audience With The Pope’ (from the album The Seldom Seen Kid, 2008).

2.  Patti Smith ‘Wave’ (from the album Wave,1979).

3.  George Harrison ‘P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)’ (from the album Brainwashed, 2002).

4.  The Damned ‘Anti-Pope’ (from the album Machine Gun Etiquette, 1979).

5.  James Dean Bradfield ‘Say Hello to the Pope’ (from the album The Great Western, 2006).

6.  Shane MacGowan & The Popes  ‘The Church of the Holy Spook’ (from the album Snake, 1994).

7.  U2 ‘Gloria’ (from the album October, 1981).

8.  Morrissey ‘Dear God, Please Help Me’ (from the album Ringleader of the Tormentors, 2006).

9.  Roxy Music ‘Psalm’ (from the album Stranded, 1974).

10. Danny Wilson ‘Mary’s Prayer’ (from the album Meet Danny Wilson, 1987).