After the Gold Rush: Ten Golden Songs. The First Australian Gold Rush is Proclaimed, Although the Discovery had Been Made Three Months Earlier. This Day in History, 15/05/1851.

1.  Lambchop ‘The Old Gold Shoe’

(from the album Nixon, 2000).

2.  David Bowie ‘Golden Years’

(from the album Station to Station, 1976).

3. Klaxons ‘Golden Skans’

(from the album Myths of the Near Future, 2007).

4. Silver Sun ‘Golden Skin’

(from the album Silver Sun, 1997).

5. The Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’

(from the single What the World is Waiting For / Fools Gold, 1989).

6.  Kanye West ‘Gold Digger’

(from the album Late Registration, 2005).

7.  Sparklehorse ‘Gold Day’

(from the album It’s A Wonderful Life, 2001).

8.  Ash ‘Goldfinger’

(from the album 1977, 1996).

9.  T-Rex ‘Solid Gold Easy Action’

(from the album Great Hits, 1972).

10.  Neil Young ‘After the Gold Rush’

(from the album After the Gold Rush, 1970).