The Headmaster Ritual: Ten Songs About School. Forty-five People are Killed by Bombs Planted by a Disgruntled School-board Member in the Bath School Disaster, Michigan. This Day in History, 18/05/1927.

1.  The Smiths ‘The Headmaster Ritual’

(from the album Meat is Murder, 1985).

2.  Belle and Sebastian ‘Expectations’

(from the album Tigermilk, 1996).

3.  Black Box Recorder ‘The School Song’

(from the album Passionoia, 2003).

4.  Madness ‘Baggy Trousers’

(from the album Absolutely, 1980).

5.  The White Stripes ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’

(from the album White Blood Cells, 2001).

6.  Pink Floyd ‘Another Brick in the Wall’

(from the album The Wall, 1979).

7.  The Police ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me

(from the album Zenyatta Mondatta, 1980).

8.  The Boomtown Rats ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’

(from the album The Fine Art of Surfacing, 1979).

9.  The Ramones ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School’

(from the album End of the Century, 1980).

10. Trash Can Sinatras ‘To Sir, with Love’

(from the album A Happy Pocket, 1996).

Television, One Nation Under A Drug: Ten Songs About Television. First Distance Public Television Broadcast (From Washington DC to New York City, Displaying The Image of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover). This Day in History, 07/04/1927.

1.  The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy ‘Television, One Nation Under A Drug’

(from the album Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury, 1992).

2.  The Stooges ‘TV Eye’

(from the album Fun House, 1970).

3.  David Bowie ‘TVC 15’

(from the album Station To Station, 1976).

4.  Dire Straits ‘Money For Nothing’

(from the album Brothers in Arms, 1985).

6.  A-ha ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’

(from the album Hunting High and Low, 1985).

7.  Bruce Springsteen ’57 Channels (and Nothin’ On)’

(from the album Human Touch, 1992).

8.  The Buggles ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’

(from the album The Age of Plastic, 1980).

9.  Arcade Fire ‘Antichrist Television Blues’

(from the album Neon Bible, 2007).

10. Mansun ‘Television’

(from the album Six, 1998).