Nothing But Flowers: Ten Songs About Plants and Flowers. Chlorophyll ‘A’ synthesised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This Day in History, 27/06/1961.

1.  The White Stripes ‘Blue Orchid’

(from the album Get Behind Me Satan, 2005).

2.  Mazzy Star ‘Blue Flower’

(from the album She Hangs Brightly, 1990).

3.  REM ‘Lotus’

(from the album Up, 1998).

4.  The Jam ‘English Rose’

(from the album All Mod Cons, 1978).

5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ft. Kylie Minogue ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’

(from the album Murder Ballads, 1995).

6.  Paul Weller ‘Sunflower’

(from the album Wild Wood, 1993).

7.  Pulp ‘Weeds II’

(from the album We Love Life, 2001).

8.  Rolling Stones ‘Dandelion’

(B-side of We Love You, 1967).

9.  Talking Heads ‘Nothing But Flowers’

(from the album Naked, 1988).

10. Elvis Costello ‘Good Year for the Roses’

(from the album Almost Blue, 1981).