The New Diana: Ten Songs About Princesses. Happy Birthday to Princess Alexandra of Hanover, 16 Today.

1.  Coldplay ‘Princess of China’

(from the album Mylo Xyloto, 2011).

2.  Black Box Recorder ‘The New Diana’

(from the album Passionoia, 2003).

3.  The Divine Comedy ‘The Frog Princess’

(from the album Casanova, 1996).

4.  The Kinks ‘She’s Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina’

(from the album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969).

5.  Gene Pitney ‘Princess in Rags’

(from the album Big Sixteen Vol.3, 1966).

6.  Peter Gabriel ‘Kiss That Frog’

(from the album Us, 1992).

7.  Lady Gaga ‘Princess Die’

(previously unreleased).

8.  Frank Zappa ‘Jewish Princess’

(from the album Sheik Yerbouti, 1979).

9.  Sonic Youth ‘Renegade Princess’

(from the album NYC Ghosts & Flowers, 2000).

10. Kylie Minogue ‘Dreams’

(from the album Kylie Minogue AKA Impossible Princess, 1997).