Army Dreamers: Ten Songs About the Army. One Year Conscription Comes into Force in France. This Day in History, 21/06/1930.

1.  GoodBooks ‘Passchendaele’

(from the album Control, 2007).

2.  XTC ‘Generals and Majors’

(from the album Black Sea, 1980).

3.  Elvis Costello ‘Oliver’s Army’

(from the album Armed Forces, 1979).

4.  PJ Harvey ‘The Words That Maketh Murder’

(from the album Let England Shake, 2011).

5.  Inspiral Carpets ‘Uniform’

(from the album Devil Hopping, 1994).

6.  John Lennon ‘I Don’t Want to Be A Soldier’

(from the album Imagine, 1971).

7.  Polyphonic Spree ‘Soldier Girl’

(from the album The Beginning Stages of …, 2002).

8.  REM ‘Orange Crush’

(from the album Green, 1988).

9.  The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ‘Next’

(from the album Next, 1973).

10. Kate Bush ‘Army Dreamers’

(from the album Never For Ever, 1980).