When the Wind Blows: Ten Songs About The Bomb. The First Republic of China Tests It’s First Hydrogen Bomb. This Day in History, 14/06/1967.

1.  Morrissey ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’

(from the album Viva Hate, 1988).

2.  U2 ‘Seconds’

(from the album War, 1983)

3.  Manic Street Preachers ‘Born to End’

(from the album Generation Terrorists, 1992).

4.  OMD ‘Enola Gay’

(from the album Organisation, 1980).

5.  Sting ‘Russians’

(from the album The Dream of the Blue Turtles, 1985).

6.  The Smiths ‘Ask’

(single A-side, 1986).

7.  Tears for Fears ‘Famous Last Words’

(from the album The Seeds of Love, 1989).

8.  David Bowie ‘When the Wind Blows’

(from the album When the Wind Blows, 1986).

9.  The Jam ”A’ Bomb in Wardour Street’

(from the album All Mod Cons, 1978).

10. Kate Bush ‘Breathing’

(from the album Never For Ever, 1980).

Visions of China: Ten Songs About China. Ronald Reagan Arrives in China For A Six Day Visit, The First Visit By An American President Since Richard Nixon in 1972. This Day in History, 26/04/1984.

1.  Japan ‘Visions of China’

(from the album Tin Drum, 1981).

2.  The Ramones ‘Chinese Rock’

(from the album End of the Century, 1980).

3.  David Bowie ‘China Girl’

(from the album Let’s Dance, 1983).

4.  Tori Amos ‘China’

(from the album Little Earthquakes, 1992).

5.  Gorrilaz ‘Hong Kong’

(from the album D-Sides, 2007).

6.  Coldplay ‘Princess of China’

(from the album Mylo Xyloto, 2011).

7.  Blur ‘Chinese Bombs’

(from the album Blur, 1997).

8.  John Cale ‘Chinese Envoy’

(from the album Music For A New Society, 1982).

9.  Ed Harcourt ‘Shanghai’

(from the album Here Be Monsters, 2001).

10.  Julian Cope ‘China Doll’

(from the album My Nation Underground, 1988).