Chocolate Jesus: Ten Songs About Chocolate in Honour of Errol Brown, RIP.

1.  Snow Patrol ‘Chocolate’

(from the album Final Straw, 2003).

2.  The Undertones ‘Mars Bars’

(B-side of Jimmy Jimmy, 1979).

3.  The Beatles ‘Savoy Truffle’

(from the album The Beatles, 1968).

4.  Tom Waits ‘Chocolate Jesus’

(from the album Mule Variations, 1999).

5.  Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers ‘Double Chocolate Malted’

(from the album It’s Time For, 1986).

6.  Rufus Wainwright ‘Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk’

(from the album Poses, 2001).

7.  Tindersticks ‘Chocolate’

(from the album The Something Rain, 2012).

8.  Deacon Blue ‘Chocolate Girl’

(from the album Raintown, 1987).

9.  Stereolab ‘Les Bon Bons des Raisons’

(from the album Sound Dust, 2001).

10. Lou Reed ‘Egg Cream’

(from the album Set the Twilight Reeling, 1996).