Hounds of Love: Ten Songs About Dogs. Snuppy Becomes The World’s First Cloned Dog. This Day in History, 24/04/2005.

1.  Kate Bush ‘Hounds of Love’

(from the album Hounds of Love, 1985).

2.  Led Zeppelin ‘Black Dog’

(from the album Led Zeppelin IV, 1971).

3.  Super Furry Animals ‘Golden Retriever’

(from the album Phantom Power, 2003).

4.  Nick Drake ‘Black Eyed Dog’

(from the album Time of No Reply, 1986).

5.  The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’

(from the album The Stooges, 1969).

6.  David Bowie ‘Diamond Dogs’

(from the album Diamond Dogs, 1974).

7.  Florence & The Machine ‘Dog Days Are Over’

(from the album Lungs, 2009).

8.  Elvis Presley ‘Hound Dog’

(single, 1956).

9.  Belle & Sebastian ‘Dog on Wheels’

(from the Dog on Wheels EP, 1997).

10. Cat Stevens ‘I Love My Dog’

(from the album Matthew and Son, 1967).