Money Changes Everything: Ten Songs About Money. The First Decimal Coins Reach The High Street, This Day in History, 23/04/1968.

1.  Pink Floyd ‘Money’

(from the album Dark Side of the Moon, 1973).

2.  Madonna ‘Material Girl’

(from the album Like A Virgin, 1984).

3.  The Rakes ’22 Grand Job’

(from the album Capture / Release, 2005).

4.  Dire Straits ‘Money For Nothing’

(from the album Brothers in Arms, 1985).

5.  Heaven 17 ‘I’m Your Money’

(from the album Penthouse and Pavement, 1981).

6.  ABBA ‘Money Money Money’

(from the album Arrival, 1976).

7. The Beatles ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’

(from the album Abbey Road, 1969).

8.  MIA ‘Paper Planes’

(from the album Kala, 2007).

9.  Cyndi Lauper ‘Money Changes Everything’

(from the album She’s So Unusual, 1984).

10. Talking Heads ‘Once In A lifetime’

(from the album Remain In Light, 1980).