Down By the Water: Ten Songs About Water. Diana Fountain Given the Go Ahead in Hyde Park, London. This Day in History, 29/06/2001.

1.  PJ Harvey ‘Down By the Water’

(from the album To Bring You My Love, 1995).

2.  Ultrasound ‘Aire and Calder’

(from the album Everything Picture, 1999).

3.  TLC ‘Waterfalls’

(from the album CrazySexyCool, 1994).

4.  The Who ‘Water’

(from the album Who’s Next (bonus track), 1971).

5.  Ute Lemper ‘Little Water Song’

(from the album Punishing Kiss, 2000).

6.  Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’

(from the album Remain in Light, 1980).

7.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‘Sad Waters’

(from the album Your Funeral … My Trial, 1986).

8.  Blur ‘Oily Water’

(from the album Modern Life is Rubbish, 1993).

9.  The Delgados ‘Everything Goes Around the Water’

(from the album Peloton, 1998).

10. Damien Rice ‘Cold Water’

(from the album O, 2002).