Electioneering: Ten Songs for Election Day. UK, 07/05/2015.

1.  Radiohead ‘Electioneering’

(from the album OK Computer, 1997).

2.  John Lennon ‘Gimme Some Truth’

(from the album Imagine, 1971).

3.  Alice Cooper ‘Elected’

(from the album Million Dollar Babies, 1973).

4.  David Bowie ‘Candidate’

(from the album Diamond Dogs, 1974).

5.  Luke Haines ‘How to Hate the Working Classes’

(from the album Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry OST, 2000).

6.  Pulp ‘Cocaine Socialism’

(B-side of A Little Soul, 1998).

7.  Arcadia ‘Election Day’

(from the album So Red the Rose, 1985).

8.  REM ‘Ignoreland’

(from the album Automatic For The People, 1993).

9. The Police ‘De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da’

(from the album Zenyatta Mondatta, 1980).

10. Coldplay ‘Politik’

(from the album A Rush of Blood to the Head, 2002).