Learn To Fly: Ten Songs About Aeroplanes. This Day In History, The First Successful Around The World Flight, 06/04/1924.

1.  Foo Fighters ‘Learn To Fly’

(from the album Nothing Left To Lose, 1999).

2.  Joni Mitchell ‘This Flight Tonight’

(from the album Blue, 1971).

3.  The Walker Brothers ‘Nite Flights’

(from the album Nite Flights, 1978)

4.  OMD ‘Enola Gay’

(from the album Organisation, 1980).

5.  Bjork ‘Aeroplane’

(from the album Debut, 1993).

6.  British Sea Power ‘Spirit of St. Louis’

(from the single Spirit of St. Louis / The Lonely, 2002).

7.  Motorhead ‘Bomber’

(from the album Bomber, 1979).

8.  Pavement ‘Hit The Plane Down’

(from the album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, 1994).

9.  Blue Oyster Cult ‘ME 262’

(from the album Secret Treaties, 1974).

10. Pink Floyd ‘Learning To Fly’

(from the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason, 1987).