The Hands That Built America: Ten Songs About Hands. Hands Across America Takes Place Across Continental America. The 4125 Mile Human Chain Stretched from New York City to Long Beach and Raised $34 Million to Help Those Living in Poverty. This Day in History, 25/05/1986.

1.  Bon Jovi ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’

(from the album New Jersey, 1988).

2.  New Order ‘Touched By the Hand of God’

(single A-side, 1987).

3.  Reef ‘Place Your Hands’

(from the album Glow, 1997).

4.  Nick Cave ‘Red Right Hand’

(from the album Let Love In, 1994).

5.  Interpol ‘Slow Hands’

(from the album Antics, 2004).

6.  The Smiths ‘Hand in Glove’

(from the album The Smiths, 1984).

7.  The Beatles ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’

(single A-side, 1963).

8.  Bill Withers ‘Grandma’s Hands’

(from the album  Just As I Am, 1971).

9. Elvis Costello ‘Hand in Hand’

(from the album This Year’s Model, 1978).

10.  U2 ‘The Hands That Built America’

(from the album Gangs of New York OST, 2002).