Back From Holiday …

Dear All,

I am back from France so I will restart the lists shortly and then restart Song of the Day a week on Monday.  Had a great time and saw lots of interesting things, including many war sites along the way, Paris and of course, the glorious Alps.  I am a bit bruised and battered from throwing myself down a mountain on a mountain bike and got sunburnt in the excessive heat.

The picture shows the 21 Turns leading to Alpe d’Huez, where we were staying, which this week will host the Tour de France.

I hope that everybody is well,

With Love,

Courtney x

Going On Holiday, Back Soon! With Thanks, Courtney x

Just a quick message to say that I am going travelling through France, hence this week’s travel theme.  I will be setting off later and taking the ferry from Dover to Calais, hoping that I, my boyfriend and our two friends don’t encounter any problems, given the problems over there at the moment.  We have a car full of provisions and love to get us by though.

We are staying in the North of France for two nights before will be driving wherever the road takes us, through big cities and sleepy towns, down to the Alps in the South, on the border with Italy.  We will be doing silly things like throwing ourselves down mountains on mountain bikes and enjoying what promises to be some of the best scenery we have ever seen.

I wish you all well, I will miss posting on here but will be back as soon as I can.  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm towards my work and all your likes, it has been wonderful so far and I will look forward to seeing you all soon.

With my deepest gratitude, “Looking out from here, at half past France”,

Courtney Palmer x