Seaside Rendezvous: Ten Songs About the Seaside. The Historic Grand Pier in Weston Super-Mare Burns Down for the Second Time in Eighty Years. This Day in History, 28/07/2008.

1.  Morrissey ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’

(from the album Viva Hate, 1988).

2.  Rialto ‘Summer’s Over’

(from the album Rialto, 1998).

3.  Queen ‘Seaside Rendezvous’

(from the album A Night at the Opera, 1975).

4.  The Ordinary Boys ‘Seaside’

(from the album Over the Counter Culture, 2004).

5.  The Beautiful South ‘Oh, Blackpool’

(from the album Welcome to the Beautiful South, 1989).

6. Luke Haines ‘Bugger Bognor’

(from the album Das Capital, 2003).

7.  Chas & Dave ‘Margate’

(from the album Joblot, 1982).

8.  Led Zeppelin ‘Down by the Seaside’

from the album Physical Graffiti, 1975).

9.  The Who ‘Sea and Sand’

(from the album Quadrophenia, 1973).

10. Suede ‘By the Sea’

(from the album Coming Up, 1996).

I’m Going to Spain: Ten Songs About Spain. Adolfo Suarez Becomes Premier of Spain. This Day in History, 03/07/1976.

1.  The Clash ‘Spanish Bombs’

(from the album London Calling, 1979).

2.  Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe ‘Barcelona’

(from the album Barcelona, 1988).

3.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Spanish Castle Magic’

(from the album Axis: Bold As Love,1967).

4.  The Business ‘Spanish Jails’

(from the album Saturdays Heroes, 1985).

5. The Stranglers ‘Spain’

(from the album Aural Sculpture, 1984).

6.  Sylvia ‘Y Viva Espana’

(single A-side, 1974).

7.  Madonna ‘La Isla Bonita’

(from the album True Blue, 1986).

8.  Morrissey ‘The Bullfighter Dies’

(from the album World Peace is None of Your Business, 2014).

9.  The Fall ‘I’m Going to Spain’

(from the album The Infotainment Scam, 1993).

10. Manic Street Preachers ‘If You Tolerate This, Your Children Will Be Next’

(from the album This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours, 1998).

A Century of Elvis: Ten Songs About Elvis. Elvis Presley Performs His Final Concert in Indiana, Indianapolis. This Day in History, 26/06/1977.

1.  Manic Street Preachers ‘Elvis Impersonator / Blackpool Pier’

(from the album Everything Must Go, 1996).

2.  Depeche Mode ‘Personal Jesus’

(from the album Violator, 1989).

3.  Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ‘Tupelo’

(from the album The Firstborn Is Dead, 1985).

4.  Alannah Myles ‘Black Velvet’

(from the album Alannah Myles, 1989).

5.  Kate Bush ‘King of the Mountain’

(from the album Aerial, 2005).

6.  Kirsty MacColl ‘There’s A Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis’

(from the album Desperate Character, 1981).

7.  Belle and Sebastian ‘A Century of Elvis’

(from the Lazy Line Painter Jane EP, 1997).

8.  Robbie Williams ‘Advertising Space’

(from the album Intensive Care, 2005).

9.  Stray Cats ‘Elvis on Velvet’

(from the album Stray Cats, 1981).

10.  U2 ‘Elvis Presley & America’

(from the album The Unforgettable Fire, 1984).

Burning Down the House: Ten Songs About Fire. A Fire At A House in Hull, England, Which Kills A Six Year Old Boy is Passed Off As An Accident; It Later Emerges That it is the First of Twenty Six Fires Started by Arsonist Peter Dinsdale. This Day in History, 23/06/1973.

1.  Billy Joel ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’

(from the album Storm Front, 1989).

2.  Ash ‘Burn Baby Burn’

(from the album Free All Angels, 2001).

3.  Talking Heads ‘Burning Down the House’

(from the album Speaking in Tongues, 1983).

4.  Bruce Springsteen ‘I’m On Fire’

(from the album Born in the USA, 1984).

5.  The Doors ‘Light My Fire’

(from the album The Doors, 1966).

6.  David Bowie ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire With Gasoline)’

(from the album Let’s Dance, 1983).

7.  Elvis Presley ‘Burning Love’

(from the album Burning Love and Hits from His Movies Volume 2, 1972).

8.  Stevie Nicks ‘Rooms On Fire’

(from the album The Other Side of the Mirror, 1989).

9.  Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity ‘This Wheel’s on Fire’

(single A-side, 1968).

10. Nick Cave ‘Babe, I’m On Fire’

(from the album Nocturama, 2003).

Big Yellow Taxi: Ten Songs About Taxis. Checker Taxi Puts It’s First Taxi on the Streets. This Day in History, 18/06/1923.

1.  Joni Mitchell ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

(from the album Ladies of the Canyon, 1970).

2.  Catatonia ‘Londinium’

(from the album Equally Cursed and Blessed, 1999).

3.  Blur ‘Best Days’

(from the album The Great Escape, 1995).

4.  Morrissey ‘Come Back to Camden’

(from the album You Are the Quarry, 2004).

5.  Stereophonics ‘Have A Nice Day’

(from the album Just Enough Education to Perform, 2001).

6.  The Ramones ‘Cabbies on Crack’

(from the album Mondo Bizarro, 1992).

7.  Odyssey ‘Native New Yorker’

(from the album Odyssey, 1977).

8.  Harry Chapin ‘Taxi’

(from the album Heads and Tales, 1972).

9.  Saint Etienne ‘Heart Failed in the Back of A Taxi’

(from the album Sound of Water, 2000).

10. Suede ‘The Asphalt World’

(from the album Dog Man Star, 1994).

Woke Up This Morning: Ten Songs About Gangsters. NYC Gangster Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano is Convicted on 62 Counts of Compulsory Prostitution. This Day in History, 07/06/1936.

1.  Alabama 3 ‘Woke Up This Morning’

(from the album Exile on Coldharbour Lane, 1997).

2.  Bruce Springsteen ‘Murder Incorporated’

(from the album Greatest Hits, 1995).

3.  Catatonia ‘I Am the Mob’

(from the album International Velvet, 1998).

4.  Bob Dylan ‘Joey’

(from the album Desire, 1976).

5.  Longpigs ‘Gangsters’

(from the album Mobile Home, 1999).

6. The Libertines ‘Up the Bracket’

(from the album Up the Bracket, 2002).

7.  The Clash ‘Guns of Brixton’

(from the album London Calling, 1979).

8.  Luke Haines ‘Freddie Mills is Dead’

(from the album Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop, 2006).

9.  The Specials ‘Gangsters’

(single A-side, 1979).

10. Morrissey ‘Now My Heart Is Full’

(from the album Vauxhall & I, 1994).

Starman and Nine Other Songs About Aliens. David Bowie Releases The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. This Day in History, 06/05/1972.

1.  Julian Cope ‘I Come From Another Planet, Baby’

(from the album Interpreter, 1996).

2.  Brett Smiley ‘Space Ace’

(from the album Breathlessly Brett, 1974).

3.  Ash ‘Girl From Mars’

(from the album 1977, 1996).

4.  David Bowie ‘Starman’

(from the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1972).

5.  The Wedding Present ‘The Queen of Outer Space’

(from the album Hit Parade 2, 1993).

6.  Janelle Monae ‘Many Moons’

(from the album Suite I (The Chase), 2008).

7.  Radiohead ‘Subterranean Homesick Alien’

(from the album OK Computer, 1997).

8.  Pixies ‘Motorway to Roswell’

(from the album Trompe Le Monde, 1991).

9.  Blondie ‘Rapture’

(from the album Autoamerican, 1980).

10. The Carpenters ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’

(from the album Passage, 1977).

Heartbreak Hotel: Ten Songs About Hotels. Portions of the Holbrook Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, Fall into the Sea Following a Landslide. This Day in History, 05/06/1993.

1.  Chris Isaak ‘Blue Hotel’

(from the album Chris Isaak, 1986).

2.  The White Stripes ‘Hotel Yorba’

(from the album White Blood Cells, 2001).

3.  Regina Spektor ‘Hotel Song’

(from the album Begin to Hope, 2006).

4.  Leonard Cohen ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’

(from the album New Skin for the Old Ceremony, 1974).

5.  John Cale ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

(from the album Slow Dazzle, 1975).

6.  Morrissey ‘At Amber’

(B-side of Piccadilly Palare, 1990).

7.  Eagles ‘Hotel California’

(from the album Hotel California, 1976).

8.  The Who ‘Bell Boy’

(from the album Quadrophenia, 1973).

9.  Nico ‘Chelsea Girls’

(from the album Chelsea Girl, 1967).

10. Super Furry Animals ‘Presidential Suite’

(from the album Rings Around the World, 2001).

Bring on the Dancing Horses: Ten Songs About Horses. Emily Davison, a Suffragette, Runs Out in Front of King George V’s Horse, Amner, at Epsom Derby. She is Trampled, Never Regains Consciousness and Dies Four Days Later. This Day in History, 04/06/1913.

1.  Johnny Cash ‘The Man Comes Around’

(from the album American IV: The Man Comes Around, 2002).

2.  Goldfrapp ‘Ride A White Horse’

(from the album Supernature, 2005).

3.  The Pogues ‘Bottle of Smoke’

(from the album If I Should Fall From Grace with God, 1988).

4.  Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses’

(from the album Sticky Fingers, 1971).

5.  The Doors ‘Horse Latitudes’

(from the album Strange Days, 1967).

6.  Echo & The Bunnymen ‘Bring On the Dancing Horses’

(from the album Songs to Learn and Sing, 1985).

7.  U2 ‘Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses’

(from the album Achtung Baby, 1991).

8.  The Hold Steady ‘Chips Ahoy’

(from the album Girls and Boys in America, 2006).

9.  Patti Smith ‘Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer(de)’

(from the album Horses, 1975).

10. Belle and Sebastian ‘Judy and the Dream of Horses’

(from the album If You Are Feeling Sinister, 1996).

Riders on the Storm: Ten Songs About Storms. Seven Tornadoes Hit Grand Island, Nebraska, Taking Five Lives, 357 Single Family Homes, 33 Mobile Homes, 85 Apartments, 49 Businesses and Causing $300 Million in Damages. This Day in History, 03/06/1980.

1.  Nick Cave ‘Tupelo’

(from the album The Firstborn Is Dead, 1985).

2.  Kate Bush ‘Cloudbusting’

(from the album Hounds of Love, 1985).

3.  Neil Young ‘Like A Hurricane’

(from the album American Stars ‘n Bars, 1977).

4.  REM ‘So. Central Rain’

(from the album Reckoning, 1984).

5.  Rolling Stones ‘Gimme Shelter’

(from the album Let It Bleed, 1969).

6.  Jarvis Cocker ‘Heavy Weather’

(from the album The Jarvis Cocker Record, 2006).

7.  Bob Dylan ‘Shelter From the Storm’

(from the album Blood on the Tracks, 1975).

8.  Etta James ‘Stormy Weather’

(from the album At Last!, 1961).

9.  Jonsi ‘Tornado’

(from the album Go, 2010).

10.  The Doors ‘Riders on the Storm’

(from the album LA Woman, 1971).