Under the Bridge: Ten Songs About Bridges. The Interstate 5 Bridge Over the Skagit River Collapses in Mount Vermon, Washington. This Day in History, 23/05/2013.

1.  Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Under the Bridge’

(from the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik, 1991).

2.  Manic Street Preachers ‘Walk Me to the Bridge’

(from the album Futurology, 2014).

3.  Simon & Garfunkel ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

(from the album Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970).

4. The Smiths ‘Still Ill’

(from the album The Smiths, 1984).

5.  The Pogues ‘Misty Morning, Albert Bridge’

(from the album Peace and Love, 1989).

6.  Richard Hawley ‘Lady’s Bridge’

(from the album Lady’s Bridge, 2007).

7.  John Parish & PJ Harvey ‘Rope Bridge Crossing’

(from the album Dance Hall at Louse point, 1996).

8.  Stereophonics ‘Billy Davey’s Daughter’

(from the album Word Gets Around, 1997).

9.  Foo Fighters ‘Bridge Burning’

(from the album Wasting Light, 2011).

10. Nirvana ‘Something in the Way’

(from the album Nevermind, 1991).