Storm The Embassy: Ten Songs About Hostages. The Siege of the Iranian Embassy in London Ends After A Dramatic Raid by SAS Commandos. This Day in History, 05/05/1980.

1.  Stray Cats ‘Storm the Embassy’

(from the album Stray Cats, 1981).

2.  Muse ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

(from the album Absolution, 2003).

3.  Donna Summer ‘The Hostage’

(from the album Lady of the Night, 1974).

4.  Sia ‘Hostage’

(from the album 1,000 Forms of Fear, 2014).

5.  Scott Walker ‘Track Five’

(from the album Climate of Hunter, 1984).

6.  Blur ‘There Are Too Many of Us’

(from the album The Magic Whip, 2015).

7.  Black Box Recorder ‘Kidnapping An Heiress’

(from the album England Made Me, 1998).

8.  Suzanne Vega ‘If I Were A Weapon’

(from the album Songs in Red and Grey, 2001)

9.  David Bowie ‘1984’

(from the album Diamond Dogs, 1974).

10. Elvis Costello ‘Radio Silence’

(from the album When I Was Cruel, 2002).