Ashtray Heart: Ten Songs About Smoking. The Labour Party Stub out Tobacco Sponsorship at Sports Events. This Day in History, 19/05/1997.

1.  Super Furry Animals ‘Smokin”

(from the Ice Hockey Hair EP, 1998).

2.  Placebo ‘Ashtray Heart’

(from the album Battle for the Sun, 2009).

3.  Arctic Monkeys ‘Cigarette Smoker Fiona’

(from the Who the Fuck are Arctic Monkeys? EP, 2006).

4.  Oasis ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’

(from the album Definitely Maybe, 1994).

5.  The Kinks ‘Harry Rag’

(from the album Something Else, 1967).

6.  Pink Floyd ‘Have A Cigar’

(from the album Wish You Were Here, 1975).

7.  Otis Redding ‘Cigarettes and Coffee’

(from the album The Soul Album, 1966).

8.  Urusei Yatsura ‘Plastic Ashtray’

(from the album We Are Urusei Yatsura, 1996).

9.  Hefner ‘The Hymn for the Cigarettes’

(from the album The Fidelity Wars, 1999).

10. Patsy Cline ‘Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray’

(from the album Patsy Cline, 1957).