The Day That Thatcher Dies: Ten Songs About Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher Becomes The First Female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This Day in History, 04/05/1979.

1.  Hefner ‘The Day That Thatcher Dies’

(from the album We Love The City, 2000).

2.  The Specials ‘Ghost Town’

(single A-side, 1981).

3.  Billy Bragg ‘Between The Wars’

(from the Between the Wars EP, 1985).

4.  Elvis Costello ‘Tramp the Dirt Down’

(from the album Spike, 1989).

5.  The Notsensibles ‘I’m in Love With Margaret Thatcher’

(single A-side, 1979).

6. Morrissey ‘Margaret on the Guillotine’

(from the album Viva Hate, 1988).

7.  Spitting Image ‘Go Now’

(from the TV series Spitting Image, 1989).

8. The The ‘Heartland’

(from the album Infected, 1986).

9.  The Beat ‘Stand Down, Margaret’

(from the album I just Can’t Stop It, 1980).

10. Pete Wylie ‘The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies’

(single A-side, 2013).

Shipbuilding: Ten Songs About The Falklands War. The British Nuclear Submarine HMS Conqueror Sinks The Argentine Crusier ARA General Belgrano. This Day in History, 02/04/1982.

1.  Elvis Costello ‘Shipbuilding’

(from the album Punch the Clock, 1983).

2.  Crass ‘Sheep Farming in the Falklands’

(single A-side, 1983).

3.  Billy Bragg ‘The Island of No Return’

(from the album Brewing Up with Billy Bragg, 1984).

4.  The Fall ‘Marquis Cha-Cha’

(from the album Room To Live (Undilutable Slang Truth!), 1982).

5.  New Order ‘Blue Monday’

(Single A-side, 1983).

6.  Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’

(from the album Brothers in Arms, 1985).

7.  Joe Jackson ‘Tango Atlantico’

(from the album Big World, 1986).

8.  The Exploited ‘Let’s Start A War’

(from the album Let’s Start A War, 1983).

9.  New Model Army ‘Spirit of the Falklands’

(from the album Vengeance, 1984).

10. Super Furry Animals ‘The Piccolo Snare’

(from the album Phantom Power, 2003).

Cocaine Socialism: Ten Songs About British Politicians. Neil Kinnock Resigns As Leader of the Labour Party, This Day in History, 13/04/1992.

1.  The Beatles ‘Taxman’

(from the album Revolver, 1966).

2.  The Jam ‘Time For Truth’

(from the album In The City, 1977).

3.  Cream ‘Politician’

(from the album Wheels of Fire, 1968).

4.  Elvis Costello ‘Tramp the Dirt Down’

(from the album Spike, 1989).

5.  Pulp ‘Cocaine Socialism’

(B-side of A Little Soul, 1998).

6.  The North Sea Scrolls ‘Enoch Powell Space Poet’

(from the album The North Sea Scrolls, 2012).

7.  Billy Bragg ‘Thatcherites’

(from the album Bloke On Bloke, 1997).

8.  Dusty Springfield ‘Nothing Has Been Proved’

(from the album Reputation, 1990).

9.  Billy Connolly ‘John Stonehouse Went Swimming’

(from the album Raw Meat For The Balcony!, 1977).

10. The Kinks ‘Mr Churchill Says’

(from the album Arthur: Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1969).