Gimme Hope Jo’anna: Ten Songs About Apartheid. The Group Areas Act is Passed, Formally Segregating Races, This Day in History, 27/04/1950.

1.  Eddy Grant ‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna’

(from the album File Under Rock, 1988).

2.  U2 ‘Silver and Gold’

(from the album Rattle and Hum, 1988).

3.  Manic Street Preachers ‘Kevin Carter’

(from the album Everything Must Go, 1996).

4.  The Special AKA ‘(Free) Nelson Mandela’

(from the album In The Studio, 1984).

5.  Tracy Chapman ‘Talkin’ About A Revolution’

(from the album Tracy Chapman, 1988).

6.  Peter Gabriel ‘Biko’

(from the album Peter Gabriel, 1980).

7.  Simple Minds ‘Mandela Day’

(from the album Street Fighting Years, 1989).

8.  Paul Simon ‘Homeless’

(from the album Graceland, 1986).

9.  Artists United Against Apartheid ‘Sun City’

(from the album Sun City, 1985).

10. Labi Siffre ‘(Something Inside) So Strong’

(from the album So Strong, 1987).