Broken English: Ten Songs About Terrorism in the 1970’s. German Terrorist Group, the Red Army Faction Announces it’s Dissolution After 28 Years. This Day in History, 20/04/1998.

1.  Marianne Faithfull ‘Broken English’

(from the album Broken English, 1979).

2.  Leonard Cohen ‘First We Take Manhattan’

(from the album I’m Your Man, 1988).

3.  Baader Meinhof ‘Baader Meinhof’

(from the album Baader Meinhof, 1996).

4.  Editors ‘Munich’

(from the album The Back Room, 2005).

5.  Talking Heads ‘Life During Wartime’

(from the album Fear of Music, 1979).

6.  The Clash ‘Spanish Bombs’

(from the album London Calling, 1979).

7.  The Auteurs ‘Tombstone’

(from the album After Murder Park, 1996).

8.  Elvis Costello ‘Oliver’s Army’

(from the album Armed Forces, 1979).

9.  The Long Winters ‘Cinnamon’

(from the album When I Pretend to Fall, 2003).

10. The Teardrop Explodes ‘Like Leila Khaled Said’

(from the album Wilder, 1981).