Paperback Writer: Ten Beatles Songs Written By Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney Quits The Beatles, This Day in History, 10/04/1970.

1.  The Beatles ‘Back in the USSR’

(from the album The Beatles, 1968).

2.  The Beatles  ‘I Saw Her Standing There’

(from the album Please Please Me, 1963).

3.  The Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby’

(from the album Revolver, 1965).

4.  The Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’

(from the album The Beatles, 1968).

5.  The Beatles ‘Let It Be’

(from the album Let It Be, 1970).

6.  The Beatles ‘Hey Jude’

(from the single Hey Jude / Revolution, 1968).

7.  The Beatles ‘Penny Lane’

(from the single Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever, 1967).

8.  The Beatles ‘Paperback Writer’

(from the single Paperback Writer / Rain, 1966).

9.  The Beatles ‘We Can Work It Out’

(from the single We Can Work It Out, 1965).

10. The Beatles ‘Yesterday’

(from the album Help!, 1965).