Caught By the Fuzz: Ten Songs About the Police. Following A Televised Low Speed Highway Chase, OJ Simpson is Arrested for the Murders of Wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Friend Ronald Goldman. This Day in History, 17/06/1994.

1.  Supergrass ‘Caught By the Fuzz’

(from the album I Should Coco, 1994).

2.  Gomez ‘Get Myself Arrested’

(from the album Bring It On, 1998).

3.  Happy Mondays ‘God’s Cop’

(from the album Pills ‘n Thrills and Bellyaches, 1990).

4.  Arctic Monkeys ‘Riot Van’

(from the album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, 2006).

5.  King Adora ‘The Law’

(from the album Vibrate You, 2001).

6.  The Clash ‘Police and Thieves’

(from the album The Clash, 1977).

7.  Carter USM ‘Glam Rock Cops’

(from the album Straw Donkeys … The Singles, 1995).

8.  Radiohead ‘Karma Police’

(from the album OK Computer, 1997).

9.  The Strokes ‘New York City Cops’

(from the album Is This It, 2001).

10. Placebo ‘Follow the Cops Back Home’

(from the album Meds, 2006).