When the Curtain Calls for You: Ten Songs About the Theatre. Queen Elizabeth II Reopens the Globe Theatre in London. This Day in History, 12/06/1997.

1.  Jonathan Fire*Eater ‘When the Curtain Calls for You’

(from the album Wolf Songs for Lambs, 1997).

2.  Gene Pitney ‘Backstage (I’m Lonely)’

(from the album Backstage (I’m Lonely), 1966).

3.  Blondie ‘Angels on the Balcony’

(from the album Autoamerican, 1980).

4.  The Band ‘Stage Fright’

(from the album Stage Fright, 1970).

5.  Suede ‘Pantomime Horse’

(from the album Suede, 1993).

6. The Damned ‘Curtain Call’

(from the album The Black Album, 1980).

7.  British Sea Power ‘It Ended On An Oily Stage’

(from the album Open Season, 2005).

8.  The Decemberists ‘I Was Meant for the Stage’

(from the album Her Majesty the Decemberists, 2003).

9.  Madonna ‘Take A Bow’

(from the album Bedtime Stories, 1994).

10. Beirut ‘After the Curtain’

(from the album Gulag Orkestar, 2006).