The Titanic: A Nautical Nightmare in Ten Songs. The Titanic Hits An Iceberg, This Day in History, 14/04/1912.

1.  Leadbelly ‘The Titanic’

(from the album Leadbelly’s Last Sessions, 1948).

2. The Walker Brothers ‘My Ship Is Coming In’

(from the album Take It Easy With The Walker Brothers, 1965).

3.  Cardiacs ‘Big Ship’

(from the album Big Ship, 1987).

4.  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘The Ship Song’

(from the album The Good Son, 1990).

5.  Patti Smith Group ‘Citizen Ship’

(from the album Wave, 1979).

6. John Cale ‘Ship of Fools’

(from the album Fear, 1974).

7.  The Beach Boys ‘Sloop John B’

(from the album Pet Sounds, 1966).

8.  The Doors ‘Horse Latitudes’

(from the album Strange Days, 1967).

9.  The Pogues & The Dubliners ‘The Irish Rover’

(Single, 1987).

10. Echo and the Bunnymen ‘Ocean Rain’

(from the album Ocean Rain, 1984).