Roll Away The Stone: Ten Songs For Easter.

1.  Patti Smith ‘Easter’

(from the album Easter, 1978).

2.  Mott The Hoople ‘Roll Away The Stone’

(from the album The Hoople, 1973).

3.  Marillion ‘Easter’

(from the album Season’s End, 1989).

4.  Frank Zappa ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay’

(from the album Joe’s Garage Act III, 1979).

5.  Simple Minds ‘East At Easter’

(from Sparkle in the Rain, 1984).

6.  The Associates ‘Tell Me Easter’s On Friday’

(from the album Fourth Drawer Down, 1981).

7.  XTC ‘Easter Theatre’

(from the album Apple Venus Volume 1, 1999).

8.  Tom Waits ‘Chocolate Jesus’

(from the album Mule Variations, 1999).

9.  The Cure ‘The Blood’

(from the album The Head on the Door, 1985).

10. The Stone Roses ‘I Am The Resurrection’

(from the album The Stone Roses, 1989).