South American Getaway: Ten Songs About Central and South America. The US Congress Passes the Spooner Act, Authorising Theodore Roosevelt to Acquire Rights from Colombia for the Panama Canal. This Day in History, 28/06/1902.

1.  Burt Bacharach ‘South American Getaway’

(from the album Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid OST, 1969).

2.  Roxy Music ‘Amazona’

(from the album Stranded, 1973).

3.  Drugstore ‘El President’

(from the album White Magic for Lovers, 1998).

4.  Luke Haines ‘Our Man in Buenos Aires’

(from the album 21st Century Man, 2009).

5.  Rolling Stones ‘Indian Girl’

(from the album Emotional Rescue, 1980).

6.  Kirsty MacColl ‘England 2 Colombia 0’

(from the album Tropical Brainstorm, 2000).

7.  Big Audio Dynamite ‘Sambadrome’

(from the album No. 10 Upping Street, 1986).

8.  Madonna ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’

(from the album Evita, 1996).

9.  The Clash ‘Washington Bullets’

(from the album Sandinista!, 1980).

10. Guillemots ‘Sao Paulo’

(from the album Through the Windowpane, 2006).