I Spy: Ten Songs About Spies. A British Businessman Accused of Spying for the West Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison in Moscow. This Day in History, 11/05/1962.

1.  Six by Seven ‘Spy Song’

(from the album The Things We Make, 1998).

2.  The Doors ‘The Spy’

(from the album Morrison Hotel, 1970).

3.  Kenickie ‘Spies’

(from the album At the Club, 1997).

4.  Pulp ‘I Spy’

(from the album Different Class, 1995).

5.  Carly Simon ‘Nobody Does it Better’

(from the soundtrack The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977).

6.  The Police ‘Every Breath You Take’

(from the album Synchronicity, 1983).

7.  Coldplay ‘Spies’

(from the album Parachutes, 2000).

8.  Blondie ‘One Way or Another’

(from the album Parallel Lines, 1978).

9.  Elvis Costello ‘Watching the Detectives’

(single A-side, 1977).

10. Dire Straits ‘Private Investigations’

(from the album Love Over Gold, 1982).