Walk Like An Egyptian: Ten Songs About Egypt. Egypt Formally Ends Its 31 Year State of Emergency. This Day in History, 31/05/2012.

1.  The Bangles ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’

(from the album Different Light, 1986).

2.  Radiohead ‘Pyramid Song’

(from the album Amnesiac, 2001).

3.  Madness ‘Night Boat to Cairo’

(from the album One Step Beyond, 1979).

4.  Kate Bush ‘Egypt’

(from the album Never For Ever, 1980).

5.  Fiery Furnaces ‘Clear Signal From Cairo’

(from the album Widow City, 2007).

6.  Richard Thompson ‘Pharaoh’

(from the album Amnesia, 1988).

7.  The Cure ‘Fire in Cairo’

(from the album Three Imaginary Boys, 1979).

8. Bob Dylan ‘Isis’

(from the album Desire, 1976).

9.  Pink Floyd ‘The Nile Song’

(from the album More, 1969).

10. The Police ‘Tea in the Sahara’

(from the album Synchronicity, 1983).