Yesterday’s Papers: Ten Songs About Newspapers. Fleet Street Papers Return After Month Long Maintenance Workers’ Strike. This Day in History, 21/04/1955.

1.  The Rolling Stones ‘Yesterday’s Papers’

(from the album Between the Buttons, 1967).

2.  The Jam ‘News of the World’

(from the album This is the Modern World, 1977).

3.  Elvis Costello ‘Fish ‘n Chip Paper’

(from the album Trust, 1981).

4.  Billy Bragg ‘It Says Here’

(from the album Brewing Up With Billy Bragg, 1984).

5.  Radiohead ‘The Daily Mail’

(from the single The Daily Mail / Staircase, 2011).

6.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‘People Ain’t No Good’

(from the album The Boatman’s Call, 1997).

7.  Public Enemy ‘A Letter To The New York Post’

(from the album Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Back, 1991).

8.  Wire ‘Field Day For The Sundays’

(from the album Pink Flag, 1979).

9.  Dusty Springfield ‘Nothing Has Been Proved’

(from the album Reputation, 1990).

10. The Beatles ‘A Day in the Life’

(from the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967).