One of Our Submarines: Ten Songs About Submarines. USS George Washington, A Modified Skipjack-class Submarine Successfully Test Fires the First Ballistic Missile Whilst Submerged. This Day in History, 16/07/1960.

1.  The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’

(from the album Revolver,1966).

2.  Thomas Dolby ‘One of Our Submarines’

(from the album The Golden Age of Wireless, 1982).

3.  Sex Pistols ‘Submission’

(from the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, 1977).

4.  The Lumineers ‘Submarines’

(from the album The Lumineers, 2012).

5.  British Sea Power ‘Thin Black Sail’

(from the album Valhalla Dance Hall, 2011).

6.  Bjork ‘Submarine’

(from the album Medulla, 2004).

7.  The Black Keys ‘Little Black Submarines’

(from the album El Camino, 2011).

8.  Swell Maps ‘Midget Submarines’

(from the album A Trip to Marineville, 1979).

9.  Arcade Fire ‘I’m Sleeping in A Submarine’

(from the Arcade Fire EP, 2003).

10. The Apples in Stereo ‘Submarine Dreams’

(from the album The Discovery of A World Inside The Moone, 2000).