Big Yellow Taxi: Ten Songs About Taxis. Checker Taxi Puts It’s First Taxi on the Streets. This Day in History, 18/06/1923.

1.  Joni Mitchell ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

(from the album Ladies of the Canyon, 1970).

2.  Catatonia ‘Londinium’

(from the album Equally Cursed and Blessed, 1999).

3.  Blur ‘Best Days’

(from the album The Great Escape, 1995).

4.  Morrissey ‘Come Back to Camden’

(from the album You Are the Quarry, 2004).

5.  Stereophonics ‘Have A Nice Day’

(from the album Just Enough Education to Perform, 2001).

6.  The Ramones ‘Cabbies on Crack’

(from the album Mondo Bizarro, 1992).

7.  Odyssey ‘Native New Yorker’

(from the album Odyssey, 1977).

8.  Harry Chapin ‘Taxi’

(from the album Heads and Tales, 1972).

9.  Saint Etienne ‘Heart Failed in the Back of A Taxi’

(from the album Sound of Water, 2000).

10. Suede ‘The Asphalt World’

(from the album Dog Man Star, 1994).