Hanging On The Telephone: Ten Songs About Telephones. The First Telephone Installed in Boston-Somerville, Massachusetts. This Day in History, 18/04/1877.

1.  Super Furry Animals ‘(Drawing) Rings Around the World’

(from the album Rings Around the World, 2001).

2.  ELO ‘Telephone Line’

(from the album A New World Record, 1976).

3.  REM ‘The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite’

(from the album Automatic For The People, 1992).

4.  The Fall ‘Telephone Thing’

(from the album Extricate, 1990).

5.  Love ‘The Red Telephone’

(from the album Forever Changes, 1967).

6.  Blondie ‘Hanging On The Telephone’

(from the album Parallel Lines, 1978).

7.  Lou Reed ‘New York Telephone Conversation’

(from the album Transformer, 1972).

8.  Glen Campbell ‘Wichita Lineman’

(from the album Wichita Lineman, 1968).

9.  The Cure ‘Wrong Number’

(from the album Galore, 1997).

10. Scott Walker ‘Time Operator’

(from the album ‘Til The Band Comes In, 1970).