Spider Man on Hollywood: Ten Songs About Superheroes. Happy Birthday to Spiderman Star, Tobey Maguire, 40 Today.

1.  The Wedding Present ‘Spider Man on Hollywood’

(from the album El Rey, 2008).

2.  The Fall ‘How I Wrote Elastic Man’

(single A-side, 1980).

3.  Flaming Lips ‘Waiting for A Superman’

(from the album The Soft Bulletin, 1999).

4.  The Warm Jets ‘Silver Surfer’

(from the album Future Signs, 1998).

5.  Black Sabbath ‘Iron Man’

(from the album Paranoid, 1970).

6.  Queen ‘Flash’

(from the album Flash Gordon, 1980).

7.  Suicide ‘Ghost Rider’

(from the album Suicide, 1977).

8.  Prince ‘Batdance’

(from the album Batman, 1989).

9.  XTC ‘That’s Really Super, Supergirl’

(from the album Skylarking, 1986).

10. Donovan ‘Sunshine Superman’

(from the album Sunshine Superman, 1966).