At the Indie Disco: Ten Songs About Dancing. A Sudden Outbreak of St. John’s Dance Causes People in the Streets of Aachen, Germany to Experience Hallucinations and Begin to Jump and Twitch Erratically Until They Collapse from Exhaustion. This Day in History, 24/06/1374.

1.  Joy Division ‘Transmission’

(single A-side, 1979).

2.  The Wombats ‘Let’s All Dance to Joy Division’

(from the album A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation, 2007).

3.  David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’

(from the album Let’s Dance, 1983).

4.  Los Campesinos ‘You!  Me!  Dancing!’

(from the album Hold On Now, Youngster …, 2008).

5.  Leonard Cohen ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’

(from the album Various Positions, 1984).

6.  Madonna ‘Into the Groove’

(from the album Like A Virgin, 1985).

7.  The Divine Comedy ‘At the Indie Disco’

(from the album Bang Goes the Knighthood, 2010).

8.  Black Kids ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You’

(from the album Partie Traumatic, 2008).

9.  The Kinks ‘Come Dancing’

(from the album State of Confusion, 1982).

10. Kate Bush ‘The Red Shoes’

(from the album The Red Shoes, 1991).