Cocaine Socialism: Ten Songs About British Politicians. Neil Kinnock Resigns As Leader of the Labour Party, This Day in History, 13/04/1992.

1.  The Beatles ‘Taxman’

(from the album Revolver, 1966).

2.  The Jam ‘Time For Truth’

(from the album In The City, 1977).

3.  Cream ‘Politician’

(from the album Wheels of Fire, 1968).

4.  Elvis Costello ‘Tramp the Dirt Down’

(from the album Spike, 1989).

5.  Pulp ‘Cocaine Socialism’

(B-side of A Little Soul, 1998).

6.  The North Sea Scrolls ‘Enoch Powell Space Poet’

(from the album The North Sea Scrolls, 2012).

7.  Billy Bragg ‘Thatcherites’

(from the album Bloke On Bloke, 1997).

8.  Dusty Springfield ‘Nothing Has Been Proved’

(from the album Reputation, 1990).

9.  Billy Connolly ‘John Stonehouse Went Swimming’

(from the album Raw Meat For The Balcony!, 1977).

10. The Kinks ‘Mr Churchill Says’

(from the album Arthur: Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1969).